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At the Brisbane Running Analysis Centre we combine experienced Sports Podiatrists with world leading technology to deliver Brisbane's most advanced running assessment. Our state of the art treadmill and computerised gait analysis software provides measurable results that can be used to modify running style, improve performance and for injury rehabilitation and prevention .


The assessment 

Following a full evaluation of your running and injury history, your podiatrist will conduct a full Biomechanical Assessment and Footwear Assessment before asking you to run on a specialised pressure sensor treadmill. High speed cameras are used to film you running, while the integreated sensor matrix evaluates the motion and force distribution of your gait. Results are shown in real time on the TV screen in front of you, and the digital technology is used by the podiatrist to slow the video input enabling frame by frame gait analysis. 

Using this information your Podiatrist will create a specific and focused treatment plan. The results are compiled in a detailed report that can also be shared, if required, with your sports doctor, physiotherapist or other allied health professionals to further assist their treatment planning. 

Not just for athletes 

This technology is not only useful for competitive runners and sporting professionals.

Detailed gait assessments are also used by social walkers and runners, patients recovering from surgery or trauma and people of all abilities that want to improve their mobility.

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The Brisbane Running Analysis Centre is located at the Foot Faults Mount Gravatt Clinic