Mitchell Paterson

Senior Podiatrist

When I was 12, I complained to my parents about my sore knees and heels. I was an active kid, playing sport after school every day and these ‘growing pains’ were really getting in the way of my dream of becoming a test cricket player! Thankfully my parents took me along to see a podiatrist who proceeded to explain that my aches and pains where due to my wonky feet and fitted me with orthotics.

Fast forward 10 years, I’m not playing test cricket for Australia but I am studying Podiatry at QUT in Brisbane. I wanted to work in health and help people enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle without foot pain and disability. I dived into anything feet related, working in numerous footwear stores, Orthotic labs and sports practices whilst at university. I picked up an award for Excellence in Orthotic manufacturing during my second year of studies.

Since graduating in 2010, I have worked in many aspects of podiatry enjoying the benefit I can have on people’s lives. I pride myself in taking time with patients to listen to their concerns and finding a solution which best suits them. With continuing professional development I have focused on up-skilling in biomechanics, paediatrics, foot mobilisation and dry needling (western acupuncture). In 2015, I started as a clinical supervisor at Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast, teaching the next cohort of podiatrists the tricks of the trade.

When I’m not fixing feet, I can be found at the beach with my daughter Grace, or playing guitar at home on the balcony.