This appointment is for the treatment and prevention of lower limb pain and injuries.

The appointment

Biomechanical Assessment.png

During this 40 minute appointment, your biomechanics and the way you walk (or run) will be assessed in the context of your pain. Treatment plans focus on treating the underlying cause.

Prior to your appointment you will be emailed a link to our New Patient Form which collects important information about your symptoms, medical history and current activities. This form takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and allows our Podatrists to spend more time on your assessments during the appointment.

During your appointment your Podiatrist will begin by asking you some questions to further clarify your current issues, and to establish your treatment goals.

Your current footwear will be reviewed, along with any existing prescription or off the shelf devices, such as orthotics.

This is followed by a full Biomechanical Assessment, during which the Podiatrist will assess the way in which your joints and muscles move together while you stand, walk and/or run.

Your Podiatrist will take various specific measurements with you laying down and standing up. Then you will observed walking (+/- running). We use video technology which allows us to re watch your walking/running style in slow motion to help accurately evaluate your gait pattern.

If you are seen at our Upper Mount Gravatt clinic you will be assessed on a specialised pressure sensor treadmill which is integrated with 3 high speed cameras and computerised gait analysis software. Results are shown in real time on the TV screen in front of you.

At the end of the appointment your Podiatrist will explain your diagnosis and the treatment options available. A treatment plan will be prescribed including recommendations for follow up and reassessment. Regular reviews enable your Podiatrist to monitor the effect of treatments and track progress towards goals.

*Computerised video gait analysis on a treadmill is only available at Upper Mount Gravatt. 
Video gait analysis is performed at all other clinics

should i book a biomechanical or running analysis?

Do you:

  • Want to get into regular walking, running or playing a sport?

  • Run regularly and want to optimise your performance?

  • Keep suffering from recurring running injuries?

  • Want to learn how to prevent future injuries?

  • Want to prepare for an upcoming running event or hike?

If you answered yes to any of the above, a Running Analysis session is our recommended appointment. Where our Biomechanical appointment focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pain, a Running Analysis is an extended appointment during which your Podiatrist also provides detailed training recommendations to increase performance and reduce the risk of training injuries.

Booking a Running Analysis will help ensure you reach your training goals faster, and injury free.

Biomechanical Vs Running Analysis