Biomechanical Assessment


What is a biomechanical assessment?

During a Biomechanical Assessment your Podiatrist will assess the way in which your joints and muscles move together while you stand, walk and run.

Our left and right sides are rarely symmetrical. This is equally so for our feet and legs. When we stand, walk or run our body has to cope with and compensate for these anomalies. It is these compensations that put structures such as muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, under undue strain as they begin functioning in an abnormal or compromised manner. Over time the structures become inflamed or injured.

Your Podiatrist will look closely for abnormalities and compensations, which provides important information to assist in diagnosing the underlying cause of heel pain, knee pain and even back pain. A Biomechanical Assessment is also used to improve sporting performance, by optimising running style, and to help prevent future injuries from occurring.  


What is involved in a Biomechanical Assessment? 

The Biomechanical Assessment includes both a Static and Dynamic Assessment. 

Static Assessment

Your Podiatrist will take various specific measurements with you laying down and standing up.

These include:

  • Non-weight bearing anatomical examination
  • Muscle testing
  • Weight bearing lower limb posture assessment.

Dynamic assessment (Gait Analysis)

Your Podiatrist will observed you walking on the flat and then walking (and/or running) on a treadmill.  We use video technology which allows us to re watch your walking/running style in slow motion to help accurately evaluate your gait pattern.  


Why is a biomechanical assessment important?

A Biomechanical Assessment provides our Podiatrists with important information which helps enables them to:

  • Diagnose and treat the cause of pain
  • Reduce recovery time from injury
  • Reduce risk of future injury
  • Improve performance


How much does it cost? 

A full Biomechanical Assessment is conducted during every Initial Biomechanical & Running Analysis Consultation and included in the consultation fee.