5 Things you MUST know before running the bridge to Brisbane!

  1. Don't start your stopwatch until you cross the start line! ......if you are not in the first 10 rows often it is a very slow and cumbersome start so by the time some people get to the start line 30mins has passed! this means the time you get when you cross the B2B finnish line will be way out and you might start to wonder why you are 30 minutes off your pb!!!!
  2. Get your race gear organised the night before!!!! .........nothing worse then missing the start because you're late, forgetting your race number and not being allowed to run, or even worse forgetting to wear your undies !!!!!
  3. If you haven't trained properly don't follow the leading pack! .....this might sound a bit silly, but every year hundreds of 'rabbits' take the lead for the first 400 meters and end up injured, can't finish or get trampled by the rest of the pack ....If you get your photo in the paper then i suppose it's all worth it!
  4. Don't forget your usual routine! light breakfast, go to the loo, double knots in your laces and a good warm up! (not too much water or you will get a stitch!)
  5. Know the start line, course and times!

The 10km course will start at the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge – South (formerly Gateway Bridge), travel along Kingsford Smith Drive, continue along the Inner City Bypass (ICB), exit onto Mayne Street, into Hamilton Place, then end at the Brisbane Showground.

The 5km course will start from Hamilton Recreational Reserve on Remora Road at Portside, Hamilton. The course will turn left onto Kingsford Smith Drive and follow the last 5km of the 10km event.

10km Event: Zone Official Start Time Blue & Red Elite Runners 6:10am Green Runners 6:15am Yellow Joggers 6:40am Grey Walkers 7:00am

5km Event: 9:40am approx.