B2B - Foot Fault's Team

Congratulations to the runners selected to compete in the Foot Faults Podiatry Bridge to Brisbane team! In previous years we have had some outstanding results and look forward to seeing how the team goes on the day!

10km Team: Ashley Bacon, Giles Clayton, Dennis Fitzgerald, Corinne Kealey, Kyle Pelz, Eddie Salmon, Kylie Simpson, Rie Sugaya, Kate Van Homrigh & Sophie Walkom. 5km Team: Josephine Auer, Liam Boudin, Hunter Davis, Lachlan Fox, Matt Simpson, Chris Thrupp, Edan Triffett, Xavier Watson, Elizabeth Wilkins & Aristo Zenonos.

Even Foot Faults very own Justin Hogg will be cleaning the cobwebs off his shoes to compete in the 5km - one to watch!

Good luck everyone! Only 1 week to go!!