Excuse #1 - “I’m too out of shape”

Common excuses made to avoid exercise & How to overcome them Excuse #1 “I’m too out of shape” The solution: start slow

- We all know the feeling of getting back into exercise after a period of being sedentary – you’re unfit and it all seems too hard. Getting back into exercise doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon on your first day, try for a couple of hundred meters. As long as you are consistent, you will notice that you can go that little bit further each time. - Try not to set the bar too high when you’re starting off, becoming fit is a gradual process so set small achievable goals - reaching targets will give you that little boost you need. - Listen to music – listening to music while you exercise can reduce feelings of fatigue, increase psychological arousal & improve your coordination, meaning you can perform better and for longer!