Health Tip of the week: Difficulty exercising due to pain or injury?

Water-Aerobics-RoutinesExercise is a one of the key factors of a healthy lifestyle. However, many people are deterred from exercise due to difficulty, pain or injury. If you find that pain is interfering with your ability to perform exercise, you may benefit from non-weight bearing activities such as water aerobics. Water buoyancy reduces the "weight" of the body which in turn reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles. For this reason, water aerobics is less likely to cause injury or muscle soreness. If you are experiencing difficulty performing certain body movements on land, you may find relief when performing them in the water. That is why water aerobics is excellent for those with arthritic joints or those recovering from painful injuries. Despite the many benefits of water aerobics, it does not assist in bone strengthening to prevent osteoporosis. It is important to do some land-based activity in combination with water aerobics to achieve a complete workout.