This appointment is for optimising running performance, treating and preventing injuries, and preparing for sporting events.

The appointment is 1 hour 20 mins long. Your Podiatrist will begin by asking you questions about your medical and running background and your training goals. They will perform a range of assessments including a detailed running technique assessment using our research grade video gait analysis equipment. They will then work with you to formulate a customised treatment plan which includes training recommendations, your injury risk profile and a footwear prescription.

Running Analysis Process.png

The details

Prior to the appointment you will be emailed a link to our New Patient Form which collects important information about your medical and running history. This form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and allows our Podatrists to spend more time on your assessments during your consultation.

At the start of your appointment your Podiatrist will carefully evaluate your running and injury history and ask further questions to clarify details. They will then work with you to establish specific and measurable running goals.

Your current running shoes will be reviewed, and then a range of static and functional biomechanical assessments will be performed with you laying down and standing up.

You will then be asked to run on a specialised pressure sensor treadmill. High speed cameras will film you running from various angles, while the integrated sensor matrix evaluates the motion and force distribution of your gait. 

Results are shown in real time on the TV screen in front of you, and digital technology is used by the podiatrist to slow the video input enabling frame by frame gait analysis and joint angle measurements. 

Using this information your Podiatrist will develop a specific and focused treatment plan.  This will include detailed training recommendations, your injury risk profile, a footwear prescription and a copy of your running analysis report. This report can be shared with your sports doctor, or other allied health professionals to further assist their treatment planning.

Regular reviews enable your Podiatrist to monitor the effect of running technique modifications and track progress towards running goals. Review appointments are 40 minutes and all include computerised video gait analysis which is compared with previous data to accurately monitor improvement.



Not just for athletes 

This technology is not only useful for competitive runners and sporting professionals.

Running Analysis is also used by:

  • Social walkers and runners

  • Members of social sporting groups

  • Patients with a sporting or running related injury

  • Patients rehabilitating following surgery

  • People of all abilities that want to improve their mobility


The Running Analysis Centre is located at Foot Faults Upper Mount Gravatt