Foot Faults Podiatry


Gap Free Podiatry Appointment

Get relief from your Foot or Leg pain and back to the activities you love, while also getting the most from your Private Health Insurance!

Your GAP FREE Podiatry appointment will include a:

  • Detailed Pain Assessment by one of our Expert Podiatrists.

  • Comprehensive Podiatry Examination including Footwear Review, Foot and Leg Inspection, and Movement Analysis using innovative video technology.

  • Personalised Treatment Plan so you know exactly how to relieve your pain AND reach your goals fast.

Normally valued at $150 you will get all this for absolutely no cost to you. Zero!

Not covered by Private Health?
If you’ve reached your annual limit for Podiatry, or you’re not covered for Podiatry extras, you can still get an amazing deal on this appointment.

We’re offering it for just $75 (that’s half price!) to clients without Private Health cover! Sign up using the form above. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Gap Free Podiatry Appointment

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