KAtie Green

Senior Podiatrist / clinical supervisor

Throughout high school Katie had a passion for all things science, but shuddered at the thought of being couped up in a lab. She wanted to work with people and help them in a more direct way. Podiatry offered the perfect solution to her dilemma. It allowed her to further explore a passion for science whilst developing skills that would empower her to help people reduce pain, improve function and better their overall health.

In 2006, Katie graduated from Queensland University of Technology with honours and jumped on an opportunity in Gladstone to start her working career. Since then, she has spent the last ten years gaining experience within a number of private clinics across all aspects of Podiatry.

Katie joined the Foot Faults team in 2014 as a Senior Podiatrist and was promoted to Clinical Supervisor in 2016. She is enrolled in the Australian Podiatry Association Specialist Sports Podiatrist Program and is a member of the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. 

Having suffered from foot pain as a child, Katie developed an interest in both Biomechanics and Paediatrics. She is passionate about working with children to detect and treat issues as early as possible. Her extensive knowledge and experience in biomechanics and managing foot pain is put to good use at the Brisbane Running Analysis Centre where she helps clients of all abilities achieve their activity goals. 

Katie also gets great satisfaction helping those with chronic pain and health issues to better manage their condition and as a result improve their quality of life.

Along side her clinical role at Foot Faults, Katie also works as an associate lecturer in Podiatry at the Southern Cross University where she helps the next generation of Podiatrists develop their skills and a passion for treating feet. In 2017 Katie took on a third job as a Mum and most of her spare time is now spent enjoying life with her little boy.  In her time off from Mum duties you’ll find Katie enjoying anything related to the Arts.

Katie is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Upper Mount Gravatt.