About me

As long as I can remember I’ve had an ambition to work in the health industry. I chose podiatry after exposure through work experiences as a teenager. What I witnessed then and now understand firsthand really persuaded me to enter this profession. That is  its ability to have a positive impact on individuals at any stage of their lifetime. I studied podiatry at Charles Sturt University in Albury in rural NSW where I was raised. I share a strong interest in all sports both playing and watching, though I’m particularly biased towards rugby. I also enjoy running, music, home renovations and since moving to the sunshine state, surfing.

How I keep active

I’ve always been a physically active individual from a young age playing many sports including soccer, running, basketball, AFL, rugby and skating. I still endeavour to continue my physical activity with a participation in a variety of social sport weekly and have an exercise regime I also perform routinely including running and weight training. I have ambitions to improve my fitness and strength each year.

Education and qualifications

I studied Podiatry at Charles Sturt University in Albury, NSW and graduated in 2011. I’ve been working in the North Brisbane area for the past 7 years with experience in treating members of the Australian Defence Force and sporting teams of many levels including professional and social. During my podiatry studies I had 5 years experience in the athletic footwear industry that certainly compliments my podiatric ability.  I maintain membership with the Australian Podiatry Association and as I continually strive to improve my podiatric knowledge and skills. I am also enrolled on the Australian Podiatry Association Specialist Sports Podiatrist Program. 

Where you can find me

I’m available at the following Foot Faults clinics:


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