[Video] Massage for Plantar Fasciitis

In this video Senior Podiatrist, Justin Hogg, explains how a tennis ball can be used to massage the arch reducing your pain from Plantar Fasciitis.

Hi, I'm Justin Hogg, Senior Podiatrists from Foot Faults Podiatry and The Running Analysis Center. Today I'm going to be showing you a simple at-home remedy you can use to help reduce the pain from your plantar fasciitis. This is a little trick I give to all of my clients that, when used in conjunction with other treatments, can help reduce pain.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can treat your plantar fasciitis at home, then please stick around until the end of the video because I'll be telling you about a useful resource that we've developed just for you.

What is this simple trick that can help you with your plantar fasciitis pain? It's rolling and tennis ball under your arch. If you haven't tried this before, the reason it is useful is that it increases mobility of the tissue in your arch and improves movement of the Plantar Fascia. So it works in the same way as massage.

We recommend that you sit down on a chair, get a tennis ball, pop it under your arch. Then, once per day, while watching TV, having dinner, or eating breakfast, roll this back and forth under your arch for approximately 15 minutes. If you have plantar fasciitis in both feet, do it in both. If you have plantar fasciitis in only one foot, do it only on that foot. Don't apply so much pressure that it's really hurting. Just trying to keep an even amount of pressure to ensure it feels like a good stretch and good amount of pressure on your arch. So to recap, use a tennis ball, once a day for 15 minutes. This will improve your plantar fasciitis pain.

As mentioned earlier, we've developed a resource to help you treat your plantar fasciitis and home. This contains five simple and easy home remedies, and the best thing about it is it's completely free. So if you'd like a copy of this, please comment below "Yes, please", click the link, or head over to the plantar fasciitis page on our website.

I'm Justin Hogg from Foot Faults Podiatry and The Running Analysis Center. Thank you very much for watching our video and we look forward to helping you soon.