This appointment is for the treatment of lower limb skin and nail conditions,
and for general skin and nail care.


The appointment

routine appointment process.JPG

Prior to your appointment you will be emailed a link to our New Patient Form which collects important information about your symptoms, medical history and current activities. This form takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and allows our Podatrists to spend more time on your assessment and treatments during the appointment.

During your appointment your Podiatrist will begin by asking you some questions to further clarify your reason for attending, and to establish your treatment goals.

You will be examined and your Podiatrist will then explain your diagnosis and all of the treatment options available.

A treatment plan will be prescribed and, where possible, treatments will be commenced during the appointment. This includes treatments such as ingrown toenail resections, debridement of corns and callous, and nail trimming.

At the end of your appointment your Podiatrist will explain the process for follow up. Regular reviews will enable your Podiatrist to monitor the effect of treatments and track progress towards goals.