bulk billing AVAILABLE


20 minutes


At Foot Faults we waive our consultation gap fees to offer a Bulk Billed option to our eligible patients. 

eligibility requirments

Medicare EPC

Medicare Enhanced primary care (EPC) Referrals

Bulk billing avaliable all day - Inala, Goodna, Rosewood
Bulk billing available 8am - 3pm weekdays - Upper Mount Gravatt, Windsor, Jimboomba


DVA GOLD CARD (with d904 referral)

Bulk billing available all day - all clinics

recommendations for patients with EPC referrals

We are proud to offer our eligible patients the option of a bulk billed appointment, however these appointments are 20 minutes in duration which does limit the time available to your Podiatrist. 

We strongly recommend that patients with EPC referrals book full length consultations to ensure the Podiatrist has adequate time to assess the problem and provide all required treatment during each consultation. Please click below for more information on our full length consultation fees:

The full consultation fee is due on the day of your appointment and Foot Faults will submit the claim to Medicare who will refund $52.95 back into your bank account within 24-48 hours. Fees related to biomechanical components of your visit can be claimed on the spot though your private health fund using our HiCaps facilities.  

book a bulk billed appointment

Please contact us for more information or to book a bulk billed appointment