Arthritis is an umbrella term to describe more than 100 different medical conditions that affect the joints of the musculoskeletal system (where two or more bones meet).

Arthritis-related problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joints. This can result in joint weakness, instability and deformities that can interfere with the most basic daily tasks such as walking, driving a car and preparing food.

It’s known that 1 in 6 Australian’s have arthritis and it is one of the nation’s leading causes of pain and disability.


Why is it important to see a podiatrist if you have arthritis? 

Foot care can relieve pain, maintain function and improve quality of life using safe, cost-effective treatments. An annual foot review is recommended for patients at risk of developing serious complications. Foot Faults Podiatry specialise in the treatment of Arthritis, and work along side your doctor to provide information to help you manage the condition, improve pain and prevent further damage to your joints.

People who suffer with Arthritis are often concerned that by being physically active they will cause pain or increased damage to their joints, when in fact gentle physical activity can reduce some of the symptoms of Arthritis and improve joint mobility and stability. Foot Faults provide information on how to exercise effectively and safely.

Foot Faults specialise in Arthritis Management providing customised tailored footwear and using state of the art 3D foot scanning techniques.

Foot Faults can:

  • Manufacture shoe inserts
  • Prescribe orthotics
  • Develop rehabilitation aids
  • Work alongside your doctor to reduce pain/deformity

Evidence has shown that early intervention is effective in reducing pain and deformity, particularly in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Foot Faults Podiatry can help by organising tailored footwear, custom shoe inserts and aids to suit your individual needs.