Orthotics are medical devices worn inside the shoe to help align the foot & ankle.

They are prescribed by podiatrists & used to treat pain, prevent injury & improve performance.

What makes foot faults' custom orthotics different?

Foot Faults orthotics are custom designed to correct your specific foot type & biomechanics. They are manufactured using state of the art technology & equipment to produce a more advanced orthotic, able to effectively support and align as well as optimising comfort. 

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Our custom orthotics are as individual as you are. 

  • 3D scanners capture the exact contours of your feet
  • CAD software enables us to modify design based on individual foot type and imbalance
  • Manufactured using state of the art 3D Printing and Milling technology
  • Superior materials used to ensure orthotics are soft and cushioned

Full range of orthotics available including slim fit, sports, and work, as well as orthotics designed specifically for children, and conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.


How much do custom orthotics cost?

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Price is per pair and does not include the fee for orthotic dispense and review consultations

Please click below for details of fees and health fund codes for rebate quotes. 

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