Orthotics are inserts designed to be inserted into the shoe to help support the foot and align the ankle.

Orthotics improve the function of the foot when standing and walking. The additional support and control can help to relieve pain associated with many common conditions affecting the foot, ankle and leg.


What are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are a special type of orthotic designed specifically for your foot. This results in an orthotic which is more effective at controlling your foot and reducing pain. Our expert Podiatrists can add custom features to treat specific issues, shape the orthotic to fit exactly inside your favourite shoes, and cover them in soft, cushioned materials to increase comfort.

We design our custom orthotics to not only reduce pain from current medical conditions, but to also reduce the risk of developing foot and leg pain in the future.



The Foot Faults Difference

At Foot Faults every custom orthotic is designed with your comfort in mind.


How are Foot Faults Custom Orthotics made?

Custom orthotics process Foot Faults Podiatry 3D foot scan

3D foot impression

Cutting-edge 3D foot scanners, or advanced casting techniques, are used to precisely capture the contours of your feet.

Custom orthotics process Foot Faults Podiatry Computer aided design

Computer-aided prescription and design

The Podiatrist prepares an individualised prescription for your orthotics, using information gained from accessing your feet and ankles. Computer aided design is used to model and modify your orthotics.

Custom orthotics process Foot Faults Podiatry 3D printing

3D Printing and milling

Custom orthotics are manufactured using state-of-the-art 3D printing, or milling, technology. They are then covered in advanced pressure deflecting materials for a soft, comfortable fit.

Custom orthotics process Foot Faults Podiatry Orthotic dispense

Orthotic dispense

During this appointment your orthotics are fitted to your footwear. We also assess you walking and/or running in them and make any further adjustments that are needed. Your Podiatrist provides a wearing-in schedule for the first 2 weeks.

Custom orthotics process (2).png

Orthotic review

2 weeks after dispense, we review you to assess performance and comfort. Your Podiatrist will inspect your feet and orthotics and make adjustments if required. You will receive a personalised orthotic management plan.


Pricing Information






20 minutes



20 minutes


*Includes $100 deposit - due when ordering your orthotics

Do you have Private Health Cover for Podiatry?

Learn about private health fund rebates and preferred provider benefits.

Custom Orthotic FAQs


Dispense is usually 2 weeks after your orthotic order is placed. In some cases this may be slightly shorter or longer longer.


Yes, for an additional $50 per pair, we can dispense in 2-5 business days.

ARE YOU A PREFERRED PROVIDER for my health fund?

Please visit our preferred provider page to check preferred provided status at your clinic, and view potential fee reductions.


Rebates depend on your level of Podiatry cover. Please visit this page for more information.


Yes! All of our custom orthotics are covered by a warranty for manufacturing defects. Please contact us if you have concerns about your orthotics.


Yes! Payment plans are available for clients who do not have private health cover for Podiatry. The orthotics are paid off in regular installments over a 6 week period.


Yes! Additional pairs are charged at $450 per ($100 discount from full price). These are manufactured using same scans & prescription


Custom orthotics are not only more effective at reducing pain and supporting the foot, we have found that they are also much more comfortable that off the shelf orthotics, like the ones you might find in a pharmacy. As we are able to correct biomechanical issues on an individual level, we get a more predictable response, and longer-term symptoms relief. The personalised fit to your foot and shoes, and addition of custom modifications and high quality covers ensures the orthotics are comfortable to wear and long lasting.


Custom orthotics usually last up to 12 months, but, depending on use, may last longer, or need replacing more frequently.



Following a detailed assessment, custom orthotics may be recommended by your Podiatrist during one of the following appointments.