All Foot Faults clinics are proud to offer a bulk billed appointment option to clients with a valid Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan from their GP.

About our Bulk Billed Appointment

Our bulk billed appointments are 20 minutes in duration. For these appointments our fees are reduced so there is no out-of-pocket cost. These appointments are available with certain podiatrists during selected times. Availability is limited so we recommend securing them early!

Would I benefit more from a standard appointment?

Bulk billed appointments are shorter in duration than our standard initial appointments. This means there is less time available for your podiatrist to complete their assessment. If you are suffering from foot or leg pain it is important to be aware that a bulk billed appointment will not include a video walking analysis and other more detailed assessments. The shorted appointment also reduces the time available for treatments.

For this reason, if you have not been to Foot Faults before, or have a new issue, we recommend that you book a standard initial appointment. This ensures your Podiatrist has adequate time to complete a comprehensive assessment of your concern.

Your referral can be used as a part payment, and your follow up appointments can then be bulk billed.

Can I use my Medicare Referral for a standard appointment?

If you do book a full standard appointment your referral will cover $52.95 of the fee.

Your referral can also be used as a part payment for appointments outside of our bulk billing hours, or if you would like to see a Podiatrist who does not offer bulk billing.

How do I book a bulk billed appointment?

Call now or request an appointment online. Bulk billed appointments can not be made using our online booking system.

How do I book a standard appointment?

You can call or book online.


Other appointment types

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