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About Our Running Analysis appointment

The key to improving running is smarter movement.


During this 40 minute appointment (available exclusively at our Mount Gravatt location), our Expert Podiatrists use cutting-edge running analysis equipment to identify ways to optimise performance, prevent future injuries, and help you prepare for upcoming events.

Not an athlete? This technology is also valued by social walkers and runners, clients rehabilitating following surgery, and people of all abilities that want to improve their mobility.


What to Expect During Your Running Analysis

Running Analysis Process - Medical history review

medical history Review

One of our expert podiatrists will ask you questions to clarify your current issues and establish your specific and measurable activity goals.

Running Analysis appointment - Training Analysis

Training Analysis

Your podiatrist will conduct an in-depth assessment of your current and previous training patterns, including data from wearable devices. This will be correlated with your personal performance and injury history.

Running Analysis Process - footwear and orthotic review

Current Footwear & Prescription Analysis

Your podiatrist will review your current footwear, as well as any existing prescription or off-the-shelf devices, such as orthotics.

Running Analysis Process - Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

Your podiatrist will perform a comprehensive range of static and functional biomechanical assessments, which analyse the ways your joints and muscles work together while you sit, stand, and move.

Running Analysis Process - Video gait analysis

Computerised Video Running Analysis

You will run on a cutting-edge treadmill featuring inbuilt pressure sensors that monitor force distribution, while high-speed cameras enable your podiatrist to evaluate your running technique, frame by frame. Your podiatrist will assess your joint angles at each phase of your movement and analyse your cadence at different speeds.   

Running Analysis Process - customised treatment plan

customised Treatment Plan

Your podiatrist will develop a focused treatment plan that includes detailed training recommendations, your injury risk profile, a footwear prescription, and a copy of your running analysis report.


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40 minutes



40 minutes


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