Just like having a regular dental check, this annual foot check is designed to optimise foot health and help prevent pain and injury.

Even if you don’t currently have foot pain, this is an important step towards remaining pain and injury free and staying active.

our 7 step foot health check

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Did you know?

  • Many foot conditions are preventable

  • Many foot conditions are linked to footwear choices

  • Untreated foot conditions can lead to permanent issues, such as arthritis, which can impact your lifestyle.

Podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot conditions. A simple adjustment to walking style, change in style of shoe, or prescription shoe insert may be all that is needed to avoid short-term or permanent damage.

Annual Foot checks can help identify potential problems before they occur, saving you the time, money, pain and frustration associated with injury rehabilitation. 

They are also important before you start a new activities, such as walking or a boot camp, and before purchasing new running shoes, to ensure you are making the right choices for your feet.

Do you have Diabetes or Arthritis?

A Pressure Analysis is performed during every Foot Health Check.

This, along with regular Podiatry review, can help reduce the risk of Diabetic ulcers & Arthritic joint degeneration.

The assessment

We perform a range of assessments to check your skin, nails, muscles and joint function.

We re-assess you walking and/or running, check you are wearing the right shoes and give you advise about buying your next pair.

If you wear othortics we check they are still providing enough support. We also review your current activities and recommend the best ways to keep active without injury.


You will:

  • Discover what is increasing your risk of foot pain and injury

  • Find out if your current shoes and/or orthotics are providing the support your need

  • Learn which shoes are best suited to your foot type

  • Receive a personalised plan to help prevent future pain and injury


Why is a foot health check so important?


Review current management

Review of footwear/orthotics ensures treatment is always optimised.

Preventative care

Preventative care

Just like dental checks, regular foot checks help prevent pain & injury.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis

Untreated issues can cause permanent conditions.

Save Time and Money

Save time & money

Rehab can be long, expensive & frustrating.


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Most annual limits expire at the end of the year.