About Our Annual Foot Health Check

Like regular dental checks, annual foot checks are a routine part of a healthy lifestyle. Designed to optimise foot health, these examinations help identify potential problems before they occur, saving you the time, money, pain and frustration associated with injury rehabilitation.

We also recommend scheduling this appointment before you start new activities, such as hiking or a boot camp, and before purchasing new running shoes to ensure you’re making the right choices for your unique feet.

If you run or play sport regularly, or lead an active lifestyle, we recommend a Running Analysis Appointment to ensure you reach your training goals faster— and injury free.   


What to Expect During Your Appointment

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

Medical History Review

One of our expert podiatrists will review any changes to your medical/personal history and current activity levels.

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

Current Footwear & Prescription Analysis

Your podiatrist will review your current footwear, as well as any existing prescription or off-the-shelf devices, such as orthotics.

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

Skin & Nail Review

You’ll undergo a routine examination of your skin and nails.

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

Biomechanical Assessment

Your podiatrist will analyse the ways in which your joints and muscles move together while you sit, stand and walk.

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

video Movement Analysis*

You’ll undergo an in-depth assessment of your walking and/or running styles to establish any necessary treatment or measurable goals.

Annual Foot Health Check - Brisbane Podiatrists

Customised Foot Care Plan

You’ll receive recommendations on foot care and lower limb plans to optimise your health and prevent future pain or injury.


*Video movement analysis available at all clinics. Advanced computerised gait analysis is performed on a specialised treadmill at our Mount Gravatt clinic. Inquire for details.


Do you suffer from Diabetes or Arthritis?

A Pressure Analysis is performed during every Foot Health Check, which along with regular podiatry review can help reduce the risk of diabetic ulcers and arthritic joint degeneration.


Pricing Information




40 minutes

Follow up


30 minutes


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5 reasons why your Annual Foot Health Check is so important


Review current management

Review of footwear/orthotics ensures treatment is always optimised.

Preventative care

Preventative care

Just like dental checks, regular foot checks help prevent pain & injury.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis

Untreated issues can cause permanent conditions.

Save Time and Money

Save time & money

Rehab can be long, expensive & frustrating.


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Most annual limits expire at the end of the year.

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