About Our Foot and Leg Pain Appointment

A fulfilling active lifestyle often relies on the healthy movement of your lower limbs and feet. During this appointment, our podiatrists will complete a comprehensive assessment of your biomechanical issue and develop an effective treatment plan that works to resolve it. Common conditions include heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, ball of foot pain, bunions, and shin splints.


What to Expect During Your Appointment

Foot and Leg Pain appointment - medical review

Medical History Review

One of our expert podiatrists will begin by asking you questions to clarify your current issues and establish treatment goals.

Foot and Leg pain appointment - Footwear and Orthotic review

Current Footwear & Prescription Analysis

Your podiatrist will review your current footwear, as well as any existing prescriptions or off-the-shelf devices, such as orthotics.

Foot and Leg Pain Appointment - Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

You’ll undergo a comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment, during which your podiatrist will analyse the ways your joints and muscles move together while you sit, stand and move.

Foot and Leg Pain appointment - Video gait analysis

Video gait (Movement) Analysis

Using innovative video technology*, your podiatrist will observe your walking and/or running in slow motion to help accurately develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Foot and Leg pain appointment - treatment plan

Effective Treatment Plan

You’ll review your diagnosis and treatment options, including recommendations for follow-up appointments to monitor the progress towards your treatment goals.


*While all of our locations offer video movement analysis, a more thorough computerised analysis is performed on a specialised treadmill at our Upper Mount Gravatt clinic

Pricing Information




40 minutes



30 minutes


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