Do you have pain CAUSED BY an ingrown toenail?

Our Podiatrists have a simple solution that could get you pain free today.


Ingrown toenails occur when the side of the nail grows into the skin around it, causes pain, tenderness & swelling. 

Ingrown toenails may also become infected. They are very common and can occur in any toe. The big toe is most commonly affected.


what causes them?


  • Toenails with naturally curved edges or that are fan-shaped, this is usually genetic

  • Following injury to your toe, e.g. stubbing it

  • Tight shoes or socks that crowd your toes, putting pressure on your toenails

  • Incorrect cutting of toenails

how do podiatrists treat Ingrown Toenails?

Following assessment of the nail by our highly trained podiatrists your treatment options will be discussed and may include:


Removing the offending ‘spike’ of nail

The podiatrist uses a narrow tool to trim off the small edge of nail that is ingrown. This procedure is not usually painful and does not require local anaesthetic.

It is often the first treatment offered for ingrown nails as it usually removes the problem and provides immediate pain relief. However, as the portion of nail can regrow, it is not guaranteed to be a permanent fix. This treatment option is offered during your appointment at no extra cost. 


Ingrown Toenail Surgery - the permanent solution

This minor surgical procedure is offered for patients who suffer with recurrent ingrown nails. It involves the removal of a small part of the side of the nail, followed by the application of a chemical which prevents that small section of the nail from regrowing. 

The procedure is performed at our Foot Faults clinics, and takes approximately one hour. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure the procedure is pain free. Different health practitioners may use different surgical techniques, but studies have shown our method to be the most effective, with a 97% success rate.